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CI do not understand your language; I speak

Who are yous then; why are you with the Cree
half-breeds? Are you not a white boy like my-
self?' asked the Crow white boy.

cYes/ replied the other, ĢI am white, but I do
not know who my parents are. I have never
seen them. I was captured by the Sioux in the
Minnesota Massacre when I was a baby, but when
I grew up and found out that I was different from
the Indians, I ran away. I may have been about
ten or eleven when I did this; anyway, I was so
small that I could hide in badger holes in the
daytime. That is how I got away, I ran off one
dark night, I knew the Sioux would come after
me when they found out I was gone; so I walked
all night and hid by day in badger holes on the
prairie* I did that for five nights before I ran
into some half-breed buffalo-hunters; and I have
been with them ever since, 1 am seventeen now.
How old are you? Who are you?5

This white boy who had been talking was a tall,
slim lad. The boy with the Crows was a chunky,
heavy-set lad who was always smiling.

The Crow white boy said:

T have a name that is in the white man's lan-
guage., and I cannot say it in the sign language*
I am sixteen. I come from across the big water
(England). But I have been with the Crows ever